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Learn Lodash library in javascript with examples

January 1, 0001 ·  4 min read

In this post, I am going to discuss the popular javascript library Lodash with examples. understanding Lodash framework As you know javascript is popular nowadays. which is used to write a code for front end an back-end layers. During development, if any reusable functionalities are there, I will write a utility module for object null check and common utilities etc.. which can be reused in all your application modules. This is a time consuming for various reasons - have to write a code for each utility and have to take all edge cases for handling this and maintenance of this module if any changes from browsers as well as from other frameworks....

javascript Clone Understand shallow and deep copy examples

January 1, 0001 ·  3 min read

Shallow and Deep Copy introduction Sometimes, In applications, we have to write a code for use cases like a duplicate copy of an array/JSON/object. This article covers a basic understanding of this and examples. Javascript offers two types for copying an object 1. Shallow Copy 2. Deep Copy Shallow Clone in javascript It copies a value of the original object and copies the reference of other child objects if the reference to other child objects....

In this post, you learn writing comments in Angular and typescript. You can also write single multiline and documentation comments in Typescript. This includes declare comments in Angular typescript and template HTML components.

January 1, 0001 ·  3 min read

Comments are a piece of statements in a code that will be ignored during Typescript compilation process. Every programming language provides comments. Typescript is a superset of javascript, so it supports the same syntax as javascript provides. Comments are useful for developers to modify the code easily, reusable and helps other developers to understand the code better. It provides extra notes for each piece of code as like below...

How to get current epoch timestamp in javascript

January 1, 0001 ·  2 min read

In this post, You will learn multiple ways to get current epoc timestamp in javascript. epoch time is Unix style in milli seconds since 01/01/1971, that means it returns long number in milli seconds, This is epoch time or unix timestamp Javascript provides Date object provides date and time related things. Note: Javascript runs on client and server side. When you are dealing with date and time related values, You will not get correct results as these are dependent on client machines....

How to create maven project with command line| Eclipse | Intelli

January 1, 0001 ·  5 min read

Maven is a build tool for the java projects. It speeds up the java development build process. maven is one of the Java tools for continuous build integration. Maven has predefined phases or goals. The goals are similar to ant targets. the developer will invoke goals to do their tasks. You can check my other posts on maven commands. First, Please make sure that you download maven from the Apache software and install it....

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