Multiple ways to get query parameters in javascript

In this tutorial, learn different ways to read query parameters in javascript.

  • URLSearchParams
  • using Plain javascript code

query parameters are key and value pairs added to url to pass the simple parameters

For example, if url is cloudhadoop.com/about?name=johh&dept=sales.

query parameters are name=johh&dept=sales

In javascript, these are retrieved using

window.location.Search  //name=johh&dept=sales
location.Search // name=johh&dept=sales

window and location are global javascript objects and window.location and location returns cloudhadoop.com/about

How to get query parameters for the current URL

In the latest browsers, we have URLSearchParams object used to get query parameters of a given URL.

you can check browser support here

let queryParams = new URLSearchParams(window.location.search);

let name = params.get("name"); // return john
let dept = params.get("dept"); // return sales

The same can also be rewritten using the URL object with the searchParams method which returns URLSearchParams

let queryParams = (new URL(location.search)).searchParams;
let name = params.get("name"); // return john
let dept = params.get("dept"); // return sales

URLSearchParams support: All latest browsers

Plain Javascript code to get query parameters

Here is a utility function which is custom code that returns query key and value pairs in a javascript object.

  • Retrieved url query params string using window.location.search
  • Split string using = separator
  • Iterate each property and separate key and value
function getQuerystring() {
    let output={}
    var queryParams = window.location.search.substring(1);
    var listQueries = queryParams.split("&");
        for(var query in listQueries) {
        if (listQueries.hasOwnProperty(query)) {
            var queryPair = listQueries[query].split('=');
            output[queryPair[0]] = decodeURIComponent(queryPair[1] || "");
    return output;

Check query parameter exists

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