Multiple ways to get query parameters in javascript

In this tutorial, Learn different ways to read query parameters in javascript

  • URLSearchParams

query parameters are key and value pairs added to url to pass the simple parameters

For example, if url is

query parameters are name=johh&dept=sales

In javascript , these are retrieved using  //name=johh&dept=sales // name=johh&dept=sales

window and location are global javascript object and window.location and location returns

How to get query parameters for current URL

In latst browsers, we have URLSearchParams object used to get query parameters of a given URL.

you can check browser support here

let queryParams = new URLSearchParams(;

let name = params.get("name"); // return john
let dept = params.get("dept"); // return sales

The same can also be rewritten using URL object with searchParams method which return URLSearchParams

let queryParams = (new URL(;
let name = params.get("name"); // return john
let dept = params.get("dept"); // return sales

URLSearchParams support:

Plain Javascript code to get query parameters

Here is an utility function which is custom code returns query key and value pairs in javascript object.

  • Retrieved url query params string using
  • Split string using = separatro
  • Iterate each property and separate key and value
function getQuerystring() {
    let output={}
    var queryParams =;
    var listQueries = queryParams.split("&");
        for(var query in listQueries) {
        if (listQueries.hasOwnProperty(query)) {
            var queryPair = listQueries[query].split('=');
            output[queryPair[0]] = decodeURIComponent(queryPair[1] || "");
    return output;

Check query parameter exists

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