How to retrieve x and y positions of html div elements javascript

How do get x and y-axis positions for any HTML element in javascript? Sometimes, We want to get x and y-axis coordinates for a given HTML element such as Div and img.

How to get x and y positions of HTML div element

Javascript provides DOM API to access the object.

getBoundingClientRect() in javascript returns size of an element and position related to view port.

Here is a Syntax

DOMRect  obj=object.getBoundingClientRect()

DOMRect object contains the following properties.

  • bottom
  • height
  • left
  • right
  • top
  • width
  • x
  • y

All the values returned above are relative to the viewport.

<div id="test" style="width:150px; height:50px; border:1px solid red;">

function myFunction() {
  var div = document.getElementById("test");
  var domRect = div.getBoundingClientRect();
  x = domRect.left;
  y = domRect.top;
  w = domRect.width;
  h = domRect.height;


DOMRect {x: 8, y: 8, width: 152, height: 52, top: 8, …}
bottom: 60
height: 52
left: 8
right: 160
top: 8
width: 152
x: 8
y: 8

It is easy to get coordinates like x and y using this method.

Another way using adding

DOMRect.left + window.scrollX for X cordinates DOMRect.top + window.scrollY for Y cordinates

here is an example code get element offset in javascript

var div = document.getElementById("test");
const docrect = div.getBoundingClientRect();
console.log(docrect.left + window.scrollX),
console.log(docrect.top + window.scrollY)


Multiple ways to retrieve x and y positions of an HTML element using getBoundingClientRect() method in javascript.

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