Angular elements Tutorials | web components examples

Angular is an framework for building SPA and hybrid applications.

with Angular, You can create Angular components, Which you can use it only in Angular application and Each component you created in angular application is a straightforward way to use it.

Suppose, How to use the Angular component in nonangular applications like any Java frontend or php or ruby on rails application.

Is this possible to use independent angular components outside of javascript frameworks?

It is possible with using Angular custom elements and web components.

Angular elements are introduced from Angular 6 version onwards.

What are Angular custom web elements?

Angular elements are normal angular components that also called web components, that packaged and shiffed as minified version to use in other applications

Custom elements are like a normal html or DOM elements which wrapper entire functionality in a single element. Angular elements are custom components that build as mini

These are also called Angular web components.

Angular custom web elements are simple way of using minified angular version in any web applications.

Angular provides @angular/elements package to make custom web components elements

For example,Angular custom elements can be used as follows

<custom-elements data="dataobject"></custom-elements>

This will be used in Non angular applications by This can be used like a adding javascript link

why angular elements

There are many advantages of using angular elements

  • Angular elements are nothing but components, So can be packaged and used in non-angular applications.
  • These are reusable, develop single component and reuse it in multiple applications independently.
  • You can add angular elements to server side code
  • You can still use angular elements in angular applications

Create Angular project with angular 12 version

First check angular cli is installed or not, If not installed, install latest angular cli using below command.

npm install -g @angular/cli

First Create an angular application using ng new command

ng new angular-elements-example

This creates an initial angular application structure and installs dependencies as seen below

How to build elements

Here is an command to run build angular elements

npm run build:elements

Sharing data between

data can be passed between each elements using @input and @output tags like a angular components.


As angular elements are used inside an parent components or of different container

Browser support

It supports all browsers natively

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Edge

angular element Errors

When you are working angular elements, You will get an errors

Cannot find module ‘@angular/elements’ : error

This error throws accessing elements code without installation @angular/elements package in your application.

Solution, install @angular/elements using npm install command

npm install @angular/elements

This will installs latest @angular/elements in your application

Difference between Angular elements with Stencil.js

StencilJs also used to create a web components

Let’s see the difference between angular elements with StencilJs

Angular elements   StencilJs  
It is built by Angular team from Google It is built by team behind Ionic framework
Angular elements are used to create web components StencilJS also used to create web components with all features
The webcomponents are used in in javascript and non javascript applications Stencil web components can be used in any framework
Output of bundled with this is more Size is less for bundled size compared with elements
It uses Angular framework with typescript Uses React framework with typescript programming language
Minification of angular framework Very fast and lightweight

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