Gulp javascript build automation tool overview

What is gulpjs build tool

Gulpjs is java script open source framework for automating the build tool for java script applications written in Node.js, angular and other java script frameworks.Gulp uses pipe streams concepts to improves the performances of the tasks

Gulp features

Gulp is plugin based architectures which provides different plugins for doing the tasks
GuplJS is command line JavaScript task runner which do the below collection of tasks.
Each tasks we can configured gulp plugin

  • · Minification of javascript files to remove spaces
  • · Concatanation
  • · Copying files 
  • · written in javascript
  • · Javascript compilation

GulpJS supports all browser and all operation systems

How to install gulp JavaScript tool

To install gulp JS too, Node js need to be installed

npm install -g gulp

npm is node package manager, -g option indicates install the package available globally
npm command retrieve the gulp package from node registry repository and installs local to your system, so that gulp can be accessed using command line.
Use below command to check whether gulp is installed or not

Gulp –v

How to add gulp to your javascript application

And also we can also use –save-dev option to npm command to install the dependencies

npm install –save-dev gulp

the above command add the dependency to package.json

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