What is the use of javap command in java?

javap is the tool provided by the java language which was bundled with JDK software. This tool  (javap is located in JAVA_HOME\bin location) which is used by many Java developers to find the different member variables and methods for any Java object.


javap options classes  

classes - single or multiple classes Options there are command line options to control configurations.




command line usage information


version information


Displays only public class and members


Displays only public and protected class and members


Displays all class and members in a package


Displays constants


path to find the classes


Displays information like size, date and hash

javap command in java

We can also use -c options to with javap command to compile the source code and display the information about the object


Good post I appriciate ..!

Unknown - May 0, 2013

Good post I appriciate ..!

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