Saturday, December 10, 2011

Add Google +1 button to your website or blog

Google +1 is a for making your friends aware of your liking content.

It is more or less a facebook like a button. It will affect the search engine rankings. so Please give it try to your blog or website.

Google +1 is not that much popular, by adding this, we will see traffic increase due to the fact that if someone clicked on +1, their friends see it on google.

here are the steps to add +1 button to your site:-
1. First get the javascript code provided by Google.
Click here to get the javascript code. you can select and customize the design of the button
2.the code plusone code can be placed wherever you want the required +1 button.

3. Above script code should be loaded whenever the page loads. so you have to places this just like a javascript placement or CSS location before the tag.
To add +1 button to blog:-

1. Go to Design link on your manage blogs in your blogger home page.
2. Click on edit link where you want the +1 button. the pop window is shown by clicking on the edit link

Add Google +1 Button to website

After the user adding the +1 button, the posts are visible in user google profile feed.Please let us know if you have any questions.

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