Wednesday, November 23, 2011

setup tomcat server on desktop

Tomcat is a open source application server built on java framework. Tomcat can be downloaded from apache site, extract zip file to D drive example D:\ jakarta-tomcat-5.5.0 First importantent thing is make sure that you installed and set up the java/JDK software. Tomcat requires jdk installation i.ethe location in which java is installed for this we need to add set JAVA_HOME=“path where jdk is installed” and add set CATALINA_HOME=.. in both startup.bat and shutdown.bat. set the following environment variables like this JAVA_HOME=D:\JDK1.5 i.e where jdk installed to the drive CATALINA_HOME=D:\ jakarta-tomcat-5.5.0 Starting and Stopping Tomcat : To start Tomcat run CATALINA_HOME\bin\startup.bat To stop Tomcat run CATALINA_HOME\bin\shutdown.bat By default tomcat is configured to run on 8080 port. it means tomcat is listening on at port no#8080, if you want to change the port, we can change the configuraiton located in CATALINA_HOME\confi\server.xml. Deploying webapplications:- webapplications are in the form of war file. so you can deploy to tomcat using console or direct your file to webapp folder Please leave us a comments if you have any difficulty in setup tomcat server


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