setup tomcat server on desktop

Tomcat Application Server

setup tomcat server on desktop

Tomcat is an open source application server built on a java framework.  It is used for web application deployment on this server.

On this blog post, We will cover the installation of Tomcat 9 on windows10 and Linux. Tomcat 9 supports Servlet4 and Jsp 2.3. Tomcat runs applications running HTTP protocol over TCP/IP protocol. The default port for tomcat installation is 80.

Tomcat Latest version 9.0.x supports following Specifications

  • Servlet 4.0
  • JSP 2.0
  • Websocket 1.1
  • JDK 1.8 or more
  • OpenSSL Support


  • java installation required - For tomcat 9.0.x Version, JDK 8 or more is required.

Download Tomcat Installation

Latest tomcat in apache tomcat website

Download Tomcat from apache site.

Extract downloaded tomcat and copy it to the folder - Say b:\tomcat folder

Configure Environment variables like CATALINA_HOME in the path variable



To start Tomcat = run CATALINA_HOME\bin\startup.bat 

To stop Tomcat run CATALINA_HOME\bin\shutdown.bat

Tomcat Configuration

By default, Tomcat is configured to run on 8080 port. it means tomcat is listening on at port no#8080, if you want to change the port, we can change the configuration located in CATALINA_HOME\confi\server.xml.

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