Monday, June 7, 2010

Code Names for java releases

This is my first post for this blog.
i am going to post Code Names for different java releases,hope the people don't confuse with calling code name's

JDK 1.1.4 Sparkler
JDK 1.1.5 umpkin
JDK 1.1.6 Abigail
JDK 1.1.7 Brutus
JDK 1.1.8 Chelsea
J2SE 1.2 Playground
J2SE 1.2.1 (none)
J2SE 1.2.2 Cricket
J2SE 1.3 Kestrel
J2SE 1.3.1 Ladybird
J2SE 1.4.0 Merlin
J2SE 1.4.1 Hopper
J2SE 1.4.2 Mantis
J2SE 5.0 (1.5.0) Tiger
Java SE 6 Mustang
Java SE 7 Dolphin

What is the current java production version?

Currently java 7 with update 2 is release in 12 december 2012. This is the current released version from java. Java Version 8 going to be released in 2013 year

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