Kendo UI framework tutorials with examples

Kendo UI framework is html5/javascript UI library  for creating modern websites and mobile applications.
Almost all widgets avialable as part of  Kendo UI java script Framework,
 Javascript,html and CSS technologies are prerequisite for learning the framework. JQuuery is also required to modify the controls properties

Kendo UI  provides different modules as part of their bundles

 Kendo UI Core framework

Kendo UI Core framework  provides MVVM framework for developing interactive applications.
REST API support provides for integrating data Endpoints using datasource object.
Localization and Globalization inbuilt in support provided
AngularJS and ReactJS support included
Provided different themes
Bootstrap Support for responsive ness.
Two way binding using MVVM framework
Support all major browsers
Support all major devices
Poppular widgets avaiable as opensourcea and added complex widgets like GRID and scheduler as paid
Support different Server side lanagues java,php and .net

 Web application User interface

Kendo UI framework has lot of UI controls like dropdownlist and multiselect, GRid and scheduler. Development is very fast when we use this controrls  as we don't need to worry about browser and device support

 Mobile User Interface

It has inbuilt support all mobile UI Controls.

Data visualization

Support all popular data visualization charts

I am going to explain about kendo grid widgets in next coming posts

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