how to do remote ssh connection to openshift using putty?

What is Openshift service?

Openshift is a platform as a server PAAS developed by Redhat company. Basically openshift is a cloud  computing platform provider for managing application development using several languages like php and nodejs framework. In current market cloud is famous buzz word with similar like amazon webservices.

OpenShift has different plans. You can choose plan based on your requirement. 

Openshift provides free plan which gives access to 3 small gears without credit card. So you will develop applications using your favorite language and can deploy to openshift cloud, map this hosted application to your domain created in other domain registers like godaddy.

OpenShift platform features and advantages

  • Applications development and deployment
  • Hosting provider 
  • Support different languages,databases and tools
  • No credit card required to jump start in
Once OpenShift selected, First step is to register in openshift online platform, you will get access to set of tools and all features above.

First you need to create application, In my case i created  online application by choosing PHP language and MySQL database.  your gear machine is created. We wlli see below how we login to Openshift gear. We will have different options to connect to Openshift

Remote SSH connection to Openshift via putty in windows

First you need putty, puttygen tools to connect to openshit gear.

Putty introdution

Putty is free client tool. It provides console to connect to different remote linux and ubutu systems.It supports different ssh,http Fttp protocals and authorization technique to connect remote server securely. You can download this tool from putty site.

puttyGen introduction

PuttyGen is also free opensource tool which you get as part of putty installation. It can be used to generate private and public keys to connect to remote server

With putty and puttyGen installed on your windows system. First Open puttyGen tool to generate private key

Generate private Key using PuttyGen client tool

PuttyGen tool is opened selecte SSH-2 RSA key type and finaly click to generate random key.

Random key generated by moving mouse over space as per given black rectangle shape

Generate public Key using PuttyGen client tool

Nex step, PuttyGen generated private key as shown below

generated public private key pair using PuttyGen

Save the private key to your windows file system which can be used in putty tool configuration

Go to OpenShift online  setting , create a public key as like below by coping the from above screenshot to below text area and save it.

add public key in openshift online settings

That's from openshift settings, Now your machine in openshift is ready to receive remote ssh connection. Next step is open putty tool,

Openshift source gear settings

copy the source code gear address with random password

openshift ssh remote connection using putty

After you click on open, You are able to connect to openshift gear in  windows using SSH Client tools. Please comment if you have any difficulty to do remote connection togear

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