finding content in uncompressed files (extension, gzip).

In a directory, there are many .gz files , how do we search for a particulary word in those files.
one solution is to unzip the .gz file and use the grep command.

Here are the steps

gunzip filename.gz
grep "searchword" file

The other and better solution is using zgrep command in unix

zgrep "search word" filename.gz

grep comand work on text files, zgrep works on compressed logs.

To view the compressed files, use zcat command in linux or unix
One of the feature of maven over ant tool is dependencies management for software projects.
When you are using maven in your project, you need to define the dependencies in pom.xml,once the dependencies are defined , these will be downloaded into your local machine from repositories. To configure the dependencies , you have to use the dependency plugin which manipulates the artifcats when you are installing with maven
So here is sample code snippet for configuring spring-core to your project


When you compiled, your project downloads spring-core jar for the first time from the spring repository server. You also should have to configure repository server in pom.xml with the following piece of code.


So you can configure multiple repositories, the order of repositories that looks for the artifact should have to mention in the order in pom.xml
What is transitive dependency in maven ?
For example,Take the scenario, what happened if spring-core artifact has log4j as one of dependency. Should log4j dependency also download into your local project? Yes all the direct dependencies should resolve automatically. Transitive dependency meaning is that all the dependencies resolves for your project transitivily configured in pom.xml.

In this example, your project is configured only spring-core, but your project has indirect dependcies log4j and jmx which are depenendnt to spring-core. So maven resolves all these dependencies and your project has all direct and indirect these dependencies.
Your project 1.0.0 has spring-core-2.5.6 direct dependency, log4j-1.2.12 and jmx-1.0.2 indirect dependencies

As per your project needs, you want to use log4j-1.2.14 only, but as per above spring-core dependency you got log4j-1.2.12 as dependency. So you have to avoid log4j-1.2.12 dependency.

For this we have to use exclusion tag in pom.xml in dependency tag. Following is the code snippet




This topic has been a very basic start to explore on maven dependency example. Hopefull you have enough information to get started.
If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you.